You are not alone

I’ve been in the trenches, fought the war and learned to love my brain, rather than escape it. I wrote this book for you so you can take back your life.

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You are not alone book

Are you ready to overcome your anxiety and depression and feel good again?

Anxiety and depression can be hugely disruptive, especially for someone like you who has a lot on their plate, like school, an internship, a new job, or campus clubs. You might feel shame, guilt, and embarrassment about sharing what you’re going through with your friends and family. You wish these feelings would go away, but have no idea where to even start to feel better.

You’re not alone. In fact, thousands of college students across the country are having the same thoughts and are feeling the exact same way as you do right now.With the right tools and the right team, things will get better.In this essential step-by-step guide you learn to:

  • Overcome your feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Stop racing thoughts
  • Identify exactly where to start to get help
  • Utilize the most effective treatment options
  • Use techniques to promote feelings of calm and happiness
  • Regain your confidence and live the life you want
You are not alone - book

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