Close to 60% of employees had symptoms of a mental health condition in the last year- and the same percentage didn’t discuss it at their jobs.2 Zach knows how this feels to show up to work with a mental health challenge and not feel comfortable sharing what you’re struggling with. This is why Zach offers fully customizable and engaging mental health workshops to help you build a more psychologically safe work culture for your employees.

You can learn more about Zach’s lived experience here.

What You Can Expect:

Communications: Customized messaging to ensure that examples and scenarios are relevant to your organization.

Mental Health Training: Research-based, interactive, and personalized workshop to build a shared knowledge about mental health and teach the foundational skills to create an inclusive culture.

ROI: Customized surveys based on your success criteria to assess prevalence, attitudes, and behaviors towards mental health prior to workshop, as well as post-workshop surveys to quantitatively measure efficacy of program with attendees.

Policy Review: Confirmation that all your companies policies are explicit and supportive of your goals in creating a mentally healthy culture.

What You’ll Get:

Maximize employee engagement and productivity: By reducing the stigma inside of the organization, you reduce missed work days and prevent crisis situations.

Improve resource utilization: Employees are more likely to engage company resources for their mental health when they feel like it is a safe work environment. 

Create inclusive culture: Fostering mental health education and awareness leads to safer, empowered and engaged employees.

Foster lasting impact. By creating a safer work culture where employees can show up as themselves, you promote progressive company values which will attract Millennial and Generation Z talent.