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When Zach entered into the working world, everything on the outside appeared to be fine. He was making friends, developing career skills and had a great social life. However, no one could have imagined how many emotions he was hiding.

Zach was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at age 23, suffered from deep depression, and terrible anxiety.

He tried to run away from what he was feeling and for a long time hid from everyone how awful he felt internally. Everything came to a head one fateful day in Long Island, after a conversation with his girlfriend, he had a choice: keep living in pain or do the hard work to get himself healthy and find his life’s passion. That day he decided he would get better so he could in turn share his story and help those in need.

Zach’s story is not unique to him and resonates with millions of students who are secretly battling the same depression and anxiety he experienced.

Mental health challenges are the biggest problems facing schools today. More than a quarter of students will experience a mental health disorder. In addition to diagnosable disorders, students are also dealing with a lack of sleep, more stress, and increased substance abuse.

During these difficult times, it is imperative for young people to express what they are going through, know that they are not alone, and feel comfortable with seeking help.
Zach educates college students about the complexities of mental health issues and empowers them to seek help or help their friends seek help.

The program focuses specifically on teaching students what depression and anxiety really is, how students can achieve positive mental health, and how to help each other in times of need.
He also covers warning signs that students can look for in their friends and peers, as well as resources that can provide guidance in these sensitive situations.