Here’s what makes Zach different…



Before any engagement Zach spends as much time as is necessary to get a deep understanding of the pain points and objectives you are trying to achieve within your organization. From your first introductory phone call down to the final planning stages before the event, Zach wants you to feel confident that he understands your members, the culture and goals of your organization at a deep level, so that you both can bring maximum impact to the attendees. He knows you can choose from a lot of speakers and does not take the opportunity for granted.


Zach’s personal story of mental health struggles coupled with his open, warm and encouraging personality allows for audience members to feel comfortable and build rapport quickly. Time and again, members from the audience will share with him after an event that they really related with his story and were thankful to know that they were not alone. His vulnerability allows for others to open up and share their struggles and that’s where the real growth happens.


Zach doesn’t believe in preaching from the stage. Instead, he takes a 50/50 approach which positions the audience as an active participant throughout the entire program. He likes to get audience members interacting with each other in small groups or up on their feet sharing ideas. Every facilitated conversation will be inclusive, thought-provoking, and growth focused. Zach also makes sure every workshop is filled with humor, which means your members will stay engaged the entire time.


After each workshop a customized survey will be sent out to measure the effectiveness of the program based on your predetermined success criteria.