I’m passionate about spreading awareness and information about mental health, OCD and related disorders with students, staff and individuals inside of organizations across the country. Imagine a solution, an open invitation and a blueprint that smashes the stigma, disrupts the system and breaks the cycle where it starts. It provides teens and young adults with an actionable path to becoming a powerful leader within their own lives. I’ve been in the trenches, fought the war and learned to love my brain, rather than escape it. I will share that what almost killed me can actually help others live courageously.

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Signature Keynote

Signature Keynote

I deliver a conversational-based, engaging, and judgment-free keynote which gives attendees the opportunity to openly discuss their perspectives about OCD and mental health. I do this by educating them and sharing my story of living with OCD, so they feel comfortable seeking help early when they need it. This keynote is a great introduction to the mental health challenges we face in today’s modern society because it allows attendees to examine their current thoughts and feelings about their own mental health, while offering a clear definition for them to build a positive foundation of understanding. My goal is to change the narrative of how we talk about OCD and mental health. I want my own journey of overcoming to be another young adult’s roadmap for success. There’s a certain superpower in being able to go from impossible to “I’m possible.”

What you can expect to walk away with:

  1. Change the ways in which we talk about OCD and mental health
  2. Understand that our mental health sits on a continuum that we fluctuate back and forth on and the various factors that impact our psychological well-being
  3. Recognize the symptoms of OCD and other mental health challenges and equip them with the appropriate tools to encourage appropriate help-seeking behavior
  4. Apply mental health best practices they can immediately implement to promote positive brain health
  5. Access to the resources and tools to bring the awareness of OCD and mental health advocacy to your community or organization
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