Zach has helped thousands of college students with their #mentalhealth using his own personal experience conquering anxiety and depression. He began speaking publicly to college students in the fall of 2018 and published a book, You’re Not Alone: The Only Book You’ll Ever Need to Overcome Anxiety and Depression.

Outside of educating college students across the country, he offers a personalized coaching program. His coaching program is for 18-24 year old’s who are gifted academically and socially, but are finding their collegiate experience challenging due to potentially untreated symptoms of stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and depression. Their grades and relationships might be suffering as a result of this.

Zach’s coaching style is unique because he utilizes his own deep understanding of living with anxiety and depression, coupled with methodologies pulled from the number one scientifically-proven talk therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

In each virtual coaching session with Zach, clients will be given the opportunity to express their current challenges in a judgment-free environment. Zach will help guide them to become aware of unhelpful thought patterns that are causing negative emotions and behaviors.

Each session is goal-focused with the intent of breaking down areas of concern and developing mood regulation and other self-care strategies. There will be homework assigned between sessions to foster behavioral activation and implement positive mindset shifts. Progress will be tracked to measure short-term results with the aim for long-term recovery. Zach’s goal is to hold clients accountable in these sessions while simultaneously guiding them to their desired outcomes.

Clients can elect to work with Zach over an 8 or 12 week period consisting of either one or two 1 hour sessions per week depending on the individual’s needs.

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Virtual Support & Coaching: 8-Week Program

  • Goal Setting & Weekly Action Planning
  • Healthy Living
  • School-Life Balance
  • Stress Management
  • Anxiety & Depression Management (Have to be seeing licensed professional as well)
  • Peer Relationships
  • Self-care Guidance
  • Short-term & Long-term Academic Planning
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Teacher Relationships and Communication


Virtual Support: 8-Week Program

  • Mental Health Support and Understanding
  • Communicating with Your Children
  • Trend Awareness: Drugs, Alcohol, Social Media
  • Crisis Management: Resource Referrals for Mental Health and Substance Use
  • Supporting Academic Autonomy